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Why we created Sbuch.it
Network with like minded people. Sharing is the most powerful networking tool.
Learn about some topics. Writing and Sharing publicly learning journals is the best way to learn.
Yeah, making some money as well. Check out the services Sbuch.it offers for individuals and companies.

Our Services

Our Team always at your Disposal
Web Solutions

Websites and Web Applications

Web Analytics

CRM to analyze web performance

Business CRM

Software that helps business owners

How long does it take to create a CRM?

The time of realization depends on the type, complexity and type of technology used for its development.

How much does it cost to create a CRM?

Each project is completely different and we are happy to provide a quote when we learn more about requirements.

Web Marketing Strategy

Decide the best one, depending on the field of activity, the budget and the timeframe you imagine for the objectives you have set yourself.

How much budget does it take to make a Web Marketing Strategy?

There is no standard formula, no standard cost. Usually the customer indicates how much he can invest to devise a Web Marketing Strategy that can be adapted to the type of expense he can incur. Certainly the greater the budget to be invested, the greater the chances of planning and achieving business objectives.

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Sbuch.it is an online Service, our headquarters are in Italy


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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means recommending products to your audience, and getting a cut if someone buys the product using your affiliate link. It can be implemented without being an invasive technique, simply adding referral codes to your links. You get a cut on the face price of the item recommended at no extra cost for the reader who clicks on your link.

Modern banks for millennials are generally good, fully online, free of costs, and their affiliate programs offer incentives on both sides. We think there’s nothing wrong in recommending them, assuming you didn’t just sign up to share the referral link.