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Last update: Jan 01, 2024

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1. General Conditions

1.1. Age Requirements

The Data Subject declares that he or she is of legal age in order to create an account on Sbuch.it and use the Service. Minors can use Sbuch.it only with the assistance of a parent or guardian. Under no circumstances can children under 13 years of age use Sbuch.it. If we discover that you have created an account and that you are under the age of the Data Subject’s Consent to use the Service, your account will be closed.

1.2. Consent of the Data Subject

The Data Subject who uses the Service declares that he is aware of and accepts this Document in its entirety. In addition, the Data Subject is obliged to read the Terms and Conditions of Third Parties and have accepted them. Under no circumstances may the Controller be held liable in relation to the proper functioning or availability, or both, of a Service provided by Third Parties. Failure to comply will result in the immediate suspension or interruption of the Service.

1.3. Use Not Perented

The Data Subject may not circumvent the computer systems used by Sbuch.it to protect the content accessible through the website, copy, store, modify, change, prepare derivative works or alter in any way any of the content provided. It is not permitted to use Sbuch.it in any other improper way that violates the terms contained in this Document. Unless otherwise indicated, all materials contained on this website are exclusive property of Sbuch. Any act aimed at copying, reproducing, publishing, modifying or altering such material, without explicit permission, is punishable under civil, penal and administrative laws. The publication of such material from third-party sources is permitted if the source and author are clearly identified, a link to this website is provided, notice of the publication has been given via CEM (Certified Electronic Mail).

1.4. Limitations of Liability

The Data Subject is solely responsible for the use of the Service, the use of which is made at his own risk and is entirely under his responsibility. The Data Subject undertakes to indemnage the Controller (as well as any subsidiaries or affiliates thereof, its representatives, directors, agents, licensees, partners and employees) from any obligation or liability, including any legal expenses incurred to defend itself in court, which may arise in the event of damage caused to other Data Subjects or Third Parties, in relation to the content uploaded online, to breach the terms of law or the terms contained in this Document. It is understood, and the Data Subject acknowledges and accepts, that Sbuch.it is not liable in any way for damages suffered by the Data Subject and/or Third Parties, directly or indirectly, as a result of the use of the Service.

1.5. Communications

All communications must be sent exclusively using the contact information indicated on Sbuch.it, other forms will not be considered. In some cases, Sbuch.it may require to communicate only and exclusively by means of Certified Electronic Mail (CEM).

2. Provision of the Service

2.1. Registration of a Data Subject

In order to use the Service or part of it, the Data Subject must register by providing, in a true and complete manner, all the data required in the relevant registration form and must keep confidential their access credentials. It is understood that under no circumstances may the Controller be held liable in the event of loss, dissemination, theft or unauthorized use by Third Parties, for any reason whatsoever, of the access credentials of the Data Subject. The Data Subject has full responsibility for his account and for everything that happens on his account, including any damages, caused to Sbuch.it or to Third Parties, caused by the use of his account by Third Parties without his authorization.

The Data Subject undertakes to communicate to Sbuch.it his personal data necessary for the complete and correct execution of the Service. It also guarantees, under its own personal and exclusive responsibility, that the aforementioned data are correct, up-to-date and truthful and that they allow the identification of its true identity. The Data Subject undertakes to communicate to Sbuch.it any change to the data provided, promptly and in any case within fifteen days from the occurrence of the said change, and also to provide at any time, upon request of Sbuch.it, adequate proof of their identity, their domicile or residence and, if applicable, their capacity as legal representative. Upon receipt of the aforementioned communication, Sbuch.it may request additional documentation from the Data Subject to demonstrate the changes communicated. In the event that the Data Subject fails to provide Sbuch.it with the aforementioned communication or documentation requested, or in the event that he has provided Sbuch.it with data that turn out to be false, outdated or incomplete or data that Sbuch.it has reason, in its sole discretion, to consider such, Sbuch.it reserves the right to:

  • refuse the request submitted by the Data Subject concerning operations to be carried out in reference to the Service
  • suspend the Service with immediate effect, without notice and for an indefinite period
  • cancel and/or discontinue without notice any changes to the data associated with the Service
Sbuch.it reserves the right to modify periodically the credentials of access to the Service, which will be promptly communicated to the Data Subject by sending it to the reference e-mail box, i. e. the one indicated at the time of registration on Sbuch.it.

2.2. Contents provided by the Data Subject

The Data Subject is responsible for their own content and that of Third Parties which they share on Sbuch.it, by uploading it, inserting content or by any other means. The Data Subject indemnges the Controller from any responsibility in relation to the unlawful dissemination of Third Parties content or the use of Sbuch.it, in ways contrary to the law.

The Controller does not exercise any preventive restraint on the actions, products and content of the Data Subject or Third Parties, but undertakes to intervene in response to reports from other Data Subject or orders issued by public authorities in relation to content deemed offensive or illegal.

The Data Subject declares and warrants that he/she has, personally or otherwise, the ownership or in any case the availability of all rights relating to the content of what he/she publishes. Furthermore, the material provided by the Data Subject does not conflict with any of the applicable policies and guidelines of Sbuch.it and such use does not cause prejudice to Third Parties.

2.3. Closing an Account of a Data Subject

The Data Subject who has registered on Sbuch.it may deactivate their account, request its removal or stop using the Service at any time, through the interface of Sbuch.it or by contacting the Controller directly.

The Controller, in the event of a breach of the terms contained in this Document, reserves the right to suspend or close the Data Subject’s account at any time and without notice. In the event of death, your account will be closed.

2.4. Responsibilities and Duibilities of the Data Subject

The Data Subject is authorized by Sbuch.it to use the software only for the duration of the Service. Therefore, at the end of the Service, the Data Subject is obliged not to use or reproduce in any way the Service provided by the Controller. Any reproduction in any form, if unauthorized, will be considered in violation of the copyright of the Controller.

The Data Subject has the right to use the 24/7/365 Service in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions. In addition, the Data Subject acknowledges that in any case of violation or non-performance attributable to Sbuch.it, the same is not liable for an amount greater than that paid by the Data Subject for the individual Service, ordered or renewed, affected by the harmful event). Any other compensation or compensation to the Data Subject for direct or indirect damages of any kind and species is expressly excluded.

The Data Subject must equip himself, at his own expense and under his own responsibility, with all the equipment suitable and necessary to access and use the Service. Sbuch.it does not guarantee the compatibility of the equipment and programs (hardware and software), of the applications used by the Data Subject with the Service, even if made available by Sbuch.it, all related verifications being the sole responsibility of the Data Subject.

The Data Subject acknowledges that the internet network is not controlled by Sbuch.it and that due to the particular structure of the network it is not possible to guarantee its performance and functionality or to control the content of the information transmitted through it. For this reason no responsibility can be attributed to Sbuch.it for the transmission or reception of illegal information of any kind and kind.

3. Mendacious Statements and False Documentation

The Data Subject guarantees that the data and information transmitted to Sbuch.it for the purpose of providing the Service are true, correct and such as to allow its identification, and undertakes to communicate to Sbuch.it any changes to the same. Sbuch.it reserves the right to verify such data and information by also requesting supplementary documents that the Data Subject undertakes to transmit. If, at the time of identification, the Data Bubject has, including through the use of untrue personal documents, concealed his or her real identity or falsely declared that he or she is another person, or in any case, acted in such a way as to compromise the identification process, he or she acknowledges and accepts that he or she will be held liable, including criminally, for the false statements and/or the use false documentation and will also be considered exclusively responsible for all damages suffered and suffered by Sbuch.it and/or Third Parties from the inaccuracy and/or falsity of the information communicated, assuming from now on the obligation to indemnify and keep Sbuch.it harmless from any possible claim, action and/or claim for compensation or damages or that it should be put forward by anyone against them.

4. Factors related to the Service

4.1. Suspension or Interruption of Service

The Data Subject can stop the provision of the Service at any time through the tools offered by the interface of Sbuch.it or by contacting the Controller directly.

Sbuch.it, at its discretion and without the exercise of this right being challenged as non-performance or violation, reserves the right to suspend or discontinue the Service, even without prior notice.

In any case of suspension of the Service attributable to the Data Subject, the eventual action of Sbuch.it for damages remains unaffected. During the suspension of the Service, for any due cause, the Data Subject may not have access to data and/or information and/or content submitted and/or processed by the Service. It is understood that in such cases, Sbuch.it will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered and/or suffered by the Data Subject and/or Third Parties, whether direct or indirect, foreseeable or unforeseeable, including, but not limited to, economic/financial losses, business, revenues and profits and/or or commercial start-up. The Data Subject, therefore, acknowledges and accepts that he will have nothing to claim from Sbuch.it by way of compensation, indemnity, refund or otherwise.

4.2. Refund of the Service

In the event of deactivation, no refunds are allowed for payments already made, even if they relate to portions of the Service not used by the Data Subject. However, the Controller reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without this entailing any charges or obligations towards the Data Subject, to grant reimbursement in completely exceptional cases once the specific circumstances of the case have been evaluated.

4.3. Withdrawal of the Service

By virtue of the right of withdrawal, the Data Subject may, within 14 days from the date of activation or payment of the Service, make a request for reimbursement, sending a notification to the Controller by means of Certified Electronic Mail (CEM) and including in the request the identification details necessary to identify the purchase to which the request for reimbursement relates.

The Controller will proceed with the refund within 14 days of receipt of the request, using the same payment instruments used in the transaction to be refunded. For further information or to receive assistance regarding a refund request, the Data Subject is requested to contact the Controller at the contact information provided on Sbuch.it.

4.4. Modification of the Service

The Controller reserves the right to add, remove features or features or suspend or discontinue the provision of the Service, either temporarily or permanently.

In the event of a definitive interruption, the Controller will act as possible to allow each Data Subject to retrieve their information hosted by the Controller.

A Data Subject’s access to the Service may also be suspended or restricted to allow repair, maintenance, or the introduction of new activities or services. We will try to limit the frequency and duration of such suspensions and restrictions.

4.5. Updating the Service

In order to keep the Service up to date, we may provide automatic or manual updates at any time without notice.


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Modification of this document

The Controller reserves the right to make changes to this document at any time, any update will be communicated promptly and by appropriate means. It will always be notified if the Controller carries out a Processing of the Personal Data of the Data Subject for purposes other than those indicated in this Document before proceeding and after the expression of the respective consent of the Data Subject if necessary. The Data Subject who continues to use Sbuch.it after the publication of the changes, accepts the new document without reservation. In addition, if any provision of these conditions is deemed invalid, void or for any reason unenforceable, such provision shall not affect the validity and effectiveness of the other provisions.